Klaus Skytte, CEO Nordic Energy Research, opened the session “Growing a Nordic hydrogen value chain” at this year’s “Sweden Innovation Days” The session took place March 23 at 10.00-11.00 in Stockholm.

In his opening speech, Klaus Skytte highlighted “Why do we need Nordic Hydrogen valleys?” and the answer was divided into three reasons.

Demand is growing. The need for fossil-free energy in industry and heavy transport is increasing, and the EU aims to produce 10 million tons renewable hydrogen by 2030.

Existing frameworks. The Nordic countries are already co-operating on energy infrastructure and the Nordic region has a high availability of renewable energy for hydrogen production.

Nordic Value. Each of the Nordic countries has some of the necessary ingredients, but together the Nordics has all the ingredients for entire hydrogen value chains in the future.

Getting to the Nordic Hydrogen Valley

According to Klaus Skytte the following needs to be done, before the Nordic countries have jointly created a Nordic Hydrogen Valley.

  • Collaboration on incentivizing production of renewable hydrogen 
  • Nordic cross border infrastructure collaboration for hydrogen
  • Pathways towards Nordic hydrogen value chains
  • Identifying socio-economic and technological barriers

Ongoing hydrogen research programmes