Nordic Maritime Transport and Energy Research Programme
The aim of Nordic Maritime Transport and Energy Research Programme (NMTERP) is to map, develop and use alternative energy sources in maritime operations and support the decarbonisation of the Nordic maritime sector.


Three Nordic research consortia test the use of ammonia and hydrogen as fuel for ships The research consortia are funded through a joint effort by Nordic Energy Research and several funding research institutions, including Business Finland, the Danish Energy Agency, the Icelandic Centre for Research, the Norwegian Research Council, and the Swedish Transport Administration. The consortia will run for two years…
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Powering ships with ammonia through fuel cells
Project overview AEGIR
Article about AEGIR
CAHEMA presentation from Aalto University
CAHEMA presentation from Lund University
CAHEMA presentation from NTNU
CAHEMA presentation from WMU
Official webpage
Project overview
Article about HOPE

Programme Manager: Svend Søyland

Email: – Phone: +47 474 87 930

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