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The Nordic countries have a tradition of socially sustainable development. Social sustainability will become even more important in the future, as the green transition will lead to major changes in energy production and consumption. Lack of acceptance from the Nordic populations might slow down and perhaps even block the green transition.

Renewable Energy and public participation in the Nordics

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The Nordic Energy Trilemma – Security of Supply, Prices and Just Transition

Author: Ramboll

The report "The Nordic Energy Trilemma - Security of Supply, Prices and Just Transition" reviews factors that drove the most…

English / 2023-03-10

Gender equality in the Nordic energy sector

Author: Ernst & Young

The report "Gender equality in the Nordic energy sector" from Nordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN) has mapped the female representation in the…

English / 2021-09-02

Baltic Energy Technology Scenarios 2018

Author: Tomi J. Lindroos, Antti Lehtilä and Tiina Koljonen (VTT team). Anders Kofoed-Wiuff, János Hethey, Nina Dupont and Aisma Vītiņa (Ea Energy Analyses team).

What would be required for the Baltic states to meet their climate and energy targets in 2030? Baltic Energy Technology…

English / 2018-04-23

Demand side flexibility in the Nordic electricity market: From a Distribution System Operator Perspective

Author: Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research

The organisation for the Nordic energy regulators, NordREG, has ordered this study to explore status of demand side flexibility among…

English / 2017-12-21

Renewable energy supply and storage – All reports

Author: COWI/Nordic Energy Resarch

All guides and feasibility tool (.zip) Individual guides: "Feasibility tool"(.xlsx); "Guide report 1 - Heat supply in Leirvík"(PDF); "Guide report…

English / 2017-02-02

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