On June 19th Nordic Energy Research, together with Aalborg University and House of Energy (Denmark), presented examples of how the Nordic countries are aiming to develop the smartest energy system in the world and finding the most cost-effective solutions for the green transition. This in accordance with accordance with Jorma Ollila’s vision for Nordic energy co-operation, “Strong today, stronger tomorrow”.

The stand at Energy Fair got attention for demonstrating the Icelandic project CarbFix, and many visitors studied the drilling sample demonstrating mineralized carbon in basalt. The immediate discussion was on how and where this solution can be applied in other parts of the world.

There was also interest in the shared Nordic electricity market and electricity grid, and visitors from the North European countries were especially interested in the plans for extending the grid to better balance the increasing capacity of intermittent wind and solar power. The ongoing capacity building in offshore wind energy in Scotland implies an interesting potential for extending the Nordic electricity grid westwards. Italy is developing the smart grid technology, and there was a discussion on how to exchange knowledge and do business on smart and clean technology solutions with the Nordics.

Finally, there was discussions for how to decarbonize the transport sector, especially aviation and maritime transport, as well as heavy cargo on land. As a result, there sketches were drawn for a new “Nordic decarbonized mobility map” combining solutions from electro-fuels, biofuels, upgraded biofuels, carbon capture and utilization of carbon and oxygen from the processes. As demonstrated at EUSEW 2019, technologies are already available and proven trustworthy. Now is the time for combining processes and industries across sectors to aim for the combined win-win effects for climate, business and human wellbeing.