The final seminar of WP2 within Nordic Energy Outlooks – The Nordic Energy systems programme (NEOs) takes place in Trondheim, Norway.

  • Time: 30th August 2022, 09:00-15:00.
  • Place: Strindvegen 4, Trondheim, Norway – don’t forget to register at
  • Online participation: Click this Teams link

The theme of WP2 is Increased electrification – new electricity generators and consumers. Read final report of WP2 here. The final seminar will in turn be divided into three blocks: Comparative study of the impacts of REPowerEU on the Nordic electricity market, Electrification in the Nordic area, and Suggestions from project regarding policy and research.

Ove Wolfgang, Research Scientist at SINTEF Energy Research, will open the seminar, while Kevin Johnsen, Senior Adviser at Nordic Energy Research and administrator of NEOs, is giving an introduction of the programme.

The full agenda is as follows:


09.00 Welcome, HES, and agenda by Ove Wolfgang, SINTEF

09.15 Nordic Energy Outlooks – Program introduction by Kevin Johnsen, Nordic Energy Research

09.30 Introduction to WP2: Increased electrification – new electricity generators and consumers by Siri Mathisen, SINTEF

Comparative study of the impacts of REPowerEU on the Nordic electricity market

09.40 Motivation, overview of models and scenarios by Ove Wolfgang, SINTEF

09.55 Break

10.15 Models and results: ON-TIMES, GeneSys-Mod, TIMES Norway, HighRES by Erika Mata, IVL, Sara Schmidt, SINTEF, Kristina Haaskjold, IFE, and Oskar Vågerö, UiO

11.15 Prepared questions to presenters: Comparison of result by Siri Mathisen, SINTEF

11.35 Results from the OpenEntrance project by Ingeborg Graabak, SINTEF

11.50 Lunch

Electrification in the Nordic area

12.50 Impact of the European energy crisis on the Norwegian energy transition by Kristina Haaskjold, IFE

13.05 Electrification of the built environment and heavy industry in the Nordics by Erika Mata, IVL

13.20 Electrification in the Nordics – system tool chain for energy system modelling including transport model and power system model by Michal Belsnes, SINTEF

13.35 Societal challenges and implications of increased electrification by Marianne Zeyringer, UiO

13.50 Break

14.10 Understanding the challenge of electrification in a Nordic context from a Danish perspective by Kristoffer Steen Andersen, DEA

Electrification in the Nordic area Suggestions from project regarding policy and research

14.25 Inputs to NECPs of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark by Michal Belsnes, SINTEF, Erika Mata, IVL, and Kristoffer Steen Andersen, DEA

14.45 Promising research topics regarding development of Nordic energy system models by Ove Wolfgang, SINTEF

14.55 Closing remarks by Siri Mathisen

WP2 is the second work package in a series of four. The preceding and finished WP1 is about Bioenergy and links to agriculture & LULUCF in a Nordic context. Read more about it here.

WP3 will address Energy efficiency and conservation in a Nordic perspective, and WP4 will focus on Fossil free and resource efficient transport and transport infrastructure.