Senior Adviser from Nordic Energy Research to give keynote at HullPIC 2016.

The first Hull Performance & Insight Conference (HullPIC) which will be held in the grand setting of Castello di Pavone, Turin, Italy, 13-15 April 2016.

“Proper hull and propeller performance monitoring on the world fleet will reap both economic and environmental benefits. Conservative estimates indicate a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption. This translates into millions of dollars saved and a 0,3 percent reduction of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions”, says Svend Søyland, senior adviser with Nordic Energy Research.

How to best monitor and improve energy efficiency from the maritime sector by introducing an ISO-standard?

This first-of-a-kind conference sums up recent developments in standardising sensor technologies, merging of big data as well as applying uncertainty analysis, hydrodynamic modelling & extrapolation.

It will also discuss how shipowners, operators, performance monitoring companies and service providers can enter into more robust perfomance-based contracts based on the new ISO-standard ISO 19030 concerning measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance. The ISO standard will also provide guidance when a maintenance event such as hull cleaning, propell polishing or repainting is needed.

Svend Søyland, Senior Adviser with Nordic Energy Research, will give a keynote presentation at HullPIC 2016 in Turin.  He serves as the Convenor for the ISO working group (WG7) and is together with Geir Axel Oftedal from Jotun Paint as Project Manager responsible for developing ISO 19030.

This conference is by invitation only.

Programme can be found here: