Director Anne Cathrine Gjærde of Nordic Energy Research presented the main results from the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives at the Enova Conference and concluded: It is possible for the Nordic countries to be carbon neutral by 2050.

A dratsic restructuring of our energy systems is needed to reach the goal of carbon neutrality. Nordic electricity generation needs to be fully decarbonised by 2050. Nine out of ten vehiecles must be powerd by electricity. Emissions associated with energy used in buildings must be reduced from 50 million tonnes CO2 in 2010 to 5 milion tonnes CO2 in 2050. To achieve the necessary 60 % reduction in direct industry emissions, carbon capture and storage technologies are needed.

A key factor in succeeding is an increased investment in Nordic research & development co-operation, especially in the field of bioenergy. Bioenergy is singled out as the largest energy carrier in 2050 by the International Energy Agency.