Senior Adviser Kevin Johnsen is featured in the latest issue (December 2022) of the French energy magazine Mégawhat. In an article on the Norwegian energy situation, Kevin gives insight into “énergies renouvelables” – renewable energy – in Norway.

The article begins by stating that the Nordic countries produce all of their electricity by use of renewable energy. Subsequently, it discusses the Nordics’ ecological image and notes that, as of 2020, Norway is the biggest electricity exporter in Europe. In 2021, Norway’s export of electricity increased by 30% compared to the previous year. However, in 2022, these exports was no guarantee due to climate change, as drought and lack of rainfall directly impacted water reserves.

Kevin comments on this situation and the green transition in the long term:

“Off-shore wind turbines, underground exploitation, bioenergy… There is not just one solution, several must be combined,” says Kevin.

The article is only available in French – read the piece in full here.