The Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) is the largest joint Nordic research venture to date. During the last five years, many of the region’s leading researchers and their industrial partners have come together to find ways to respond to climate change, with emphasis on six selected fields of climate research. Some of the initiative’s impressive outcomes were presented at the TRI Flagship Conference in Stockholm on November 18-19.

The initiative aims to involve the very best agencies and institutions in the Nordic region, and promote research and innovation of the highest level, in order to make a Nordic contribution towards solving the global climate crisis. The Top-level Research Initiative consists of six sub-progammes of which Nordic Energy Reseach is the administrative body of two sub-programmes totalling 10 Top-level research projects. The sub-programmes cover Sustainable Biofuels and Integration of Large Scale Wind power

The conference opened with the premiere of a new film about TRI (approx. 20 mins.). The film presented some of the many faces behind the research and provided insights into the outcomes of each of the six sub-programmes. Evaluations show that TRI has made a significant contribution to climate change research, as well as developed a range of innovative mitigation and adaptation solutions.