The transport sector accounts for roughly 25 percent of the global energy-related emissions of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, it consumes over half of the world’s oil consumption. The introduction of sustainable transport is therefore a very important component in solving the climate crisis.

Testing ground
The Nordic region has the potential to become a test bed for sustainable transport solutions based on existing regional competencies within sustainable transport and a strong renewable energy sector.

The Energy and Transport Programme under the Nordic Council of Ministers has the overall objective of contributing to the achievement of the Nordic vision of becoming “the Green Valley of Europe”. The Nordic region should become a testing ground for sustainable transport solutions. The programme is operated by a board appointed the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Call resulted in 6 projects
The call for Sustainable Freight Transportation, which in this context includes transport of goods carried out on land or at sea, yielded 6 successful applications. Sustainable is in the call was defined as renewables and energy efficiency.

A short description of the six projects can be found in the folder “Moving freight transport towards sustainability”.