The promotion of renewable energy has long been on the agenda in the Nordic countries to meet the 2020 goals. And the region has taken a leading role in working across borders to reduce national barriers to fulfill this ambition. One of the instruments for this is the Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy met 12th September in Helsinki, Finland. This was their fourth meeting this year. On the agenda was follow up and preparations to the meeting of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Business, Energy & Regional Policy (MR-NER) in October.  The working group is also cooperating with Nordvind, which is a project looking at the terms for wind energy in the Nordic region. The cooperation will result in a number of recommendations based on a common project within offshore wind starting this autumn.

The aim of the working group

The Working Group for Renewable Energy aims to promote the use of renewable energy in the Nordic region through a concerted effort to highlight and improve framework conditions for renewable energy. This is done by exchange of information and experience and through the initiation and implementation of joint projects. A sub-working group of the Working Group for Renewable Energy called Nordvind deals specifically with wind issues.