On 27 November 2013, the Working Group for Renewable Energy under the Nordic Council of Ministers arranged a seminar on the development of European and Nordic renewable energy policy post 2020.

The aim of this seminar was to discuss the development aspects of European and Nordic renewable energy policy post 2020 between energy administrations and the RE sector (the industry, NGO’s, research institutions and consultancies) and thereby gain a better understanding of conditions and opportunities.

More than 30 high level participants took part in the lively discussions throughout the day, as well as during the presentations.

Two sessions with different input

The first part of the programme focused on different views and perspectives on climate and energy policy target setting at the EU level after 2020, in particular renewable energy targets in the broader European climate and energy agenda. Hans Jørgen Koch, Deputy Permanent Secretary of State at the Danish Energy Agency, had the opening speech.

Among the speakers in this session were Truls Borgström, part of the Working Group for Renewable Energy introducing “Renewable Energy in a broader EU context”. Different stakeholder perspectives were presented by among others;  Senior Analyst Céderic Philibert from the IEA, as well as speakers from E3G and Energy Norway.

The second part of the programme had a closer look at the renewable energy policy post 2020 in the Nordic countries. There were presentations of different Nordic policy studies from speakers such as Anders Kofoed-Wiuff from Ea Energy Analyses, and Kenneth Karlsson, Head of Energy Systems Analysis Group from, DTU.

Outcome of the day

The outcome of the seminar will be summarised in a seminar report for further considerations by the seminar participants and by the Nordic Council of Ministers.