What is needed to speed up the introduction of electric vehicles for passenger and goods transport in order to reach climate and energy targets? In the Nordic region the stock of electric cars has been expanding steadily since 2010, accounting for roughly 8% of the global total of electric vehicles in 2016. Policy support has significantly influenced electric car adoption and been a key element in the success of electric car diffusion in Norway.

Based on the development of electro-mobility in the Nordic countries our session in Copenhagen, May 24 during Nordic Clean Energy week  investigates the role of electro-mobility in the future and how to achieve a rapid introduction of electro-mobility.

Initially, IEA will present the newly released Nordic Electric Vehicle Outlook which will be followed by short perspectives from the Nordic regions of interest for other countries. Learn about the role of cities, regions and other actors for electro-mobility introduction and be inspired by examples from cost-efficient transitions to electro-mobility.

The session is arranged by  Shift and will be moderated by Henrik Gudmundsson from the Danish think tank Concito.

Sign up for the event at Aalborg University Campus in Copenhagen at May 24th; SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ENERGY SYSTEMS – SMARTER, INTEGRATED AND CO2-NEGATIVE.