Cross fertilization between work packages were fueled with input from both sectorial developments and the different settings between the Nordic countries.

-What will happen in the future? Travelling behavior, technology, urban planning, fuel prices, regulations and norms are all up for transition. How do we lay this puzzle to get an idea of where we are heading, and how do we design this future sustainable transport and energy system? That’s the million dollar question we’re asking ourselves in Shift, says Julia Hansson, project leader.

Yet, looking into the future of transport – decades from now, is more than just educated guessing. Based on large datasets and statistics, interviews, travel surveys, combined models and analyses of historical policy instruments and future demographics, Shift has a good shot at a glimpse into the crystal ball.

The meeting at DTU included, apart from internal wp-discussions on collaboration and planning, a tour at the power lab facilities and a meeting with neighbouring flagship project Flex4Res.