Thumbs up for Balmorel! Flex4RES is off to a flying start and already one PhD course has started at DTU in Lyngby, Denmark. The 12 PhD students who are joining this course will study the Balmorel energy model during the months of January and February 2016.

The Balmorel energy model is used for modelling and analysis of the energy markets, with emphasis on the electricity and combined heat and power sectors. The results of such a model can aid both the energy sector and government in integrating renewable energy sources in the electricity grid.

One ambition of the Flex4RES project is to develop a common updated version of the Balmorel energy system model, which will reflect the flexibility of the Nordic energy system. The updated model is intended to be an open source model shared between the Nordic countries.

This update would be of common use and interest for the entire Nordic region, and could facilitate common future development and analysis in the energy sector.

The course is the first Balmorel model PhD course at DTU and to our knowledge the first Balmorel course in Europe since 2012. This marks the start of a new era with promising possibilities for the growing Nordic Balmorel community and for analyses of the common Nordic energy system.