How can the Nordic countries reach their ambitious climate and energy goals in the most cost-effective way? Co-operation is key.

The recent report from Jorma Ollila, Nordic Co-operation: Strong today, stronger tomorrow, proposes that the Nordic countries should aim to have “the smartest energy system in the world.”  The Nordic countries have already made good progress towards this goal, but there is still much to be done.  NERs report, Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (NETP 2016), outlines three key areas that the Nordics should co-operate on in order to achieve this smart energy system:

1. Making the Nordic energy system more distributed, flexible, and interconnected.

2. Working to decarbonise long-distance transport

3. Improving energy efficiency, particularly in existing buildings.

The specifics of these goals are discussed in NETP 2016, available via the link above.