This call text outlines an open call for research participation in the “Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016” project, financed by Nordic Energy Research. The deadline for submissions is 08:00 CET, Friday June 6th 2014. Download the Call Text to the right.

Proposals are encouraged but not required to use Nordic Energy Research formatting guidelines, which will be distributed by email upon request.

ATTENTION: The call text has been updated as of May 12th 2014. The updates correct four minor errors in the original:

  • A seventh combination of work packages was added (Combination G), including the Mandatory Work Package, Analytical Project Leadership, and a Liaison Researcher work package. This was mistakenly not included in the original call text.
  • The 5th point on the list of Formal Criteria on page 6 (relating to the filling out of a table) was removed as it was redundant.
  • A sentence was added to the descriptions of Additional Work Packages 9 and 10 (on pages 5 and 6), stating that “Proposed secondments shorter than six months will also be considered”.
  • The contract period for Additional Work Packages 7 and 8 incorrectly ended in May 2014 in the original, this has been corrected to “May 2016” at the bottom of page 4.