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The co-operation in the Nordic electricity market is unique and is highlighted as a global leader. However, future energy co-operations are dependent on trade across energy carriers and the development of new energy markets within gas, bio-/e-fuels, CO2, etc. and the connection of these markets to the existing electricity market.

Benefits of a joint Nordic electricity market

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Impact assessment of emergency market intervention measures to tackle high energy prices

Author: Vista Analyse AS

The Council of the EU introduced emergency intervention measures to address high energy prices in October 2022. The report "Impact…

English / 2023-08-16

A comparison of different ways to implement the 70 percent rule

Author: THEMA Consulting Group

System Operators are required to make as much transmission capacity as possible available to the power market for the trading…

English / 2022-09-13

Distributed Flexibility – Lessons learned in the Nordics

Author: Nordic Electricity Market Group

Distributed Flexibility is a key tool to integrate growing shares of renewable electricity in the electricity system and a complement…

English / 2022-06-21

Demand side flexibility in the Nordic electricity market: From a Distribution System Operator Perspective

Author: Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research

The organisation for the Nordic energy regulators, NordREG, has ordered this study to explore status of demand side flexibility among…

English / 2017-12-21

Flexible demand for electricity and power: Barriers and opportunities

Author: Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research

Demand side flexibility is the ability of power consumers to reduce their demand in periods of peak load, possibly shifting…

English / 2017-12-21

Nordic data hubs in electricity system: Differences and similarities

Author: Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Energy Research

The Nordic ministries and regulators aim to harmonise the electricity retail markets to reduce market entry barriers for retailers from…

English / 2017-12-13

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