Coalition Linking Energy And Nature for action (CLEANaction) is a partnership to protect nature during the energy transition, where Nordic Energy Research functions as lead for the working group Research & Technology.

The CLEANaction partners are WWF, BirdLife International, International Renewable Energy Agency, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, The Nature Conservancy, Alliance for Rural ElectrificationØrstedIberdrolaSpoor, and PACJA.

CLEANaction aims to highlight the need for new renewable energy generation projects to be carefully assessed for their impacts on biodiversity, allowing the options that are the least damaging to nature to be prioritised.

Today, many renewable energy developers have little awareness or consideration for the impact on nature, be it on land, the ocean, or freshwater ecosystems. CLEANaction hopes to change this, so that the effect on biodiversity is a required element of any new proposed energy initiative.