In the article (Norwegian) published on 30 January 2017, researcher at Sintef Energi Øyvind Langørgen explains that CLC is a technology currently tested in the energy laboratory at Sintef. A major advantage of this method compared to other technologies is that this capture technology both has the highest potential with regards to energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The principle of CLC is that the burning process is divided into two parts with one air reactor and one fuel reactor. Metal-oxide particles are transported in a loop between the two reactors, transporting oxygen from the air reactor to the fuel reactor, after which it travels back to the air reactor to pick up more oxygen.

Langørgen explains that the separation of oxygen from the air in the air reactor is an essential element of CLC as the exhaust from the fuel reactor exclusively consists of CO2 and steam. These can be separated without much difficulty.

This video by Sintef gives a brief introduction on Chemical-Looping Combustion.