Nordic Energy Research is pleased to announce that CIT Industriell Energi AB has been selected to carry out the study “Baltic-Nordic Roadmap for Co-operation on Clean Energy Technologies”, having demonstrated a clear vision for the assignment and its key priorities.

A systems perspective on energy

CIT Industriell Energi is uniquely positioned to support Nordic Energy Research with this task, combining detailed technical expertise with a system approach to energy co-operation.

Recognising the need to determine which clean energy technologies are most relevant for Baltic-Nordic research co-operation from now to 2030, 2050 and beyond, CIT Industriell Energi will define a roadmap that identifies synergies and green export potential of clean energy technologies, based on the energy balance and systems in each Baltic country.  

Baltic-Nordic added value

The roadmap will add value to Baltic-Nordic co-operation by guiding energy authorities, industry and the research community on the path to developing the next generation of clean energy technologies.

Focus areas include digital energy technologies and data collection practices in the power generation, transport, heating and cooling, infrastructure, and building sectors. Low carbon technologies, electrification, energy storage, and alternative fuels will be considered in terms of strengths, limitations and spatial impacts across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The final report will be released in Spring 2022. The study is part of the Baltic-Nordic Energy Research Programme. The Programme was initiated by Nordic Energy Research to promote energy research in the Baltic states and inspire intra-Baltic and Baltic-Nordic collaboration.