Nordic Energy Research is currently inviting bids for a study concerning “Sustainable energy and energy storage in sparsely populated areas, – a guide for planning and concept choices, and a technical solution for a pilot project”.

Energy storage plays a key role in ensuring the energy supply and increasing the share of renewable energy in sparsely populated areas in the Nordic countries.

On the Faroe Islands, in Leirvík in Eystur municipality, a project has been initiated with the intention of a total transformation of the energy system. The goal is to phase out the use of fossil fuels in favor of wind power, sea-based heat pumps and use of waste heat. Realizing the plans in the Faroe Islands will simultaneously be a pilot project which in practice will show how energy supply can be solved in Nordic sparsely populated areas.

The project will result in a report with guidelines for energy planners and politicians and must practically demonstrate the best solutions for a small community living by the sea in a sparsely populated area – exemplified by data for Leirvík

The pilot project is partially financed with funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers and coordinated by Nordic Energy Research in collaboration with Jarðfeingi (The Soil and Energy Directorate of the Faroe Islands).

The Nordic steering committee has representatives from Greenland, Åland, Vasa, Norrland, Iceland and Norway. The project began in late 2015 and is scheduled to end in early 2017.

The total maximum value of the contract is 750 000 NOK (ex. VAT).

Deadline for tenders is set at April 1st 2016, at 12.00 CET.

Please follow the links here below to get the tendering documents in which you will also find contact details:

Doffin or TED