COWI has been awarded the contract for this new project. The project includes a concept guide for energy planners and a demonstration project at the Faroe Isles. Focus is on energy storage to handle the fluctuating production from renewable energy sources.

There was great interest for the call for tenders, with 11 proposals from enterprises based within and also outside the Nordic countries. The bidders represent highly qualified expertise on energy systems, and have broad and international experience on similar issues.

COWI started out by visiting the Faroe Isles in April. There were meetings with the electricity company SEV, with the Energy and environmental authorities Umhværisstovan, and with Eystur municipality, to clarify the local conditions and expectations. The visit at Leirvik revealed what expectations and resources that exist in a typical small coastal community: wind, water, the ocean, industry, services and private homes. Leirvik community want to become a demonstration example for renewable energy in the Nordic region.

The concept guide will help planners to find what concepts that are of relevance for communities that are considering to phase out fossil fuel and become 100 % renewable regarding their energy system. The concept guide will include considerations of local needs and resources, and also technical, economical, environmental and social aspects of the optional solutions.

The guide is expected to be available by the end of 2016. The demonstration site in Leirvik and the guide will be presented at the Faroe Isles in 2017.

Visit the project page for more.