Nordic Energy Research (NER) has financed 3 Nordic Flagship Projects which are coming to completion at the end of 2019. These projects each focus on a different aspect of reducing carbon emissions and have produced a large amount of academic research within their specific fields. As the projects come to a close our task is now to translate key results they have produced into simple but compelling messages, and communicate these messages to the public. We are seeking the services of media and web development to firms based in the Nordic region to help with this task.

We have divided this task into to two calls.  Your firm may apply for one, or both of these calls, but applications must be made separately:

  1. Produce a website that will serve as a communications tool that clearly conveys how the three Flagship Projects provide pathways to a carbon-neutral Nordic region.  Emphasis on visual communication through images and simple figures. Text will also be used but should be short, clear and concise.
  2. Help Nordic Energy Research formulate and carry out a communications plan for disseminating the results of the 3 Nordic Flagship Projects to the general public, via press/media in the 5 Nordic countries.

More details can be found on our “Funding” page.