IEA and Nordic Energy Research to cooperate on second edition of Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives

A new Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives project is now underway, with an call for research participation published and a second edition of the publication expected mid 2016. The main output of the first edition of the project was a report published in January 2013 that presented technology pathways towards a carbon-neutral Nordic energy system in 2050. The project achieved traction both in building Nordic research competencies and in informing energy technology policy development.

The second edition will develop Nordic research competencies further and provide in-depth analysis on how the Nordic countries can meet the challenges identified in the first edition. The new project is based on input gathered from a wide range of stakeholders through surveys and a series of workshops held in each of the Nordic countries in the autumn of 2013. The core aims of the project are to:

  • Develop Nordic research competencies and cooperation
  • Provide research-based analysis to inform Nordic decision-makers
  • Share knowledge to inform decisions on decarbonisation outside the Nordic region

Focus areas

The report will provide in-depth analysis of issues critical in realising a decarbonised Nordic energy system, with a specific focus on energy system integration. System integration issues will be addressed at both the urban level – looking at how to achieve a sustainable transport system and a smarter utilisation of energy in cities, and at the wider international level – looking at how the Nordic energy system can interplay with Europe. The analysis will quantify the potential of integrative technologies and strategies in the Nordic countries, and identify how to realise the potential.

In addition, the analysis will present a set of updated scenarios towards 2050, identify necessary short-term implementation actions, and develop indicators as to how the energy system is progressing relative to the scenarios.

Call for research participation

A call for participation is now out, which will determine the research team that will conduct the analysis in cooperation with the IEA. The deadline is June 6th 2014. Download the call text here.


Benjamin Donald Smith,, mobile: +47 9040 6203, or Filip Ehrle Elveling