On 14–15 June, the Nordic Energy Equality Conference 2022 takes place as a lunch-to-lunch event in Oslo. Hosted by Nordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN) and funded by Nordic Energy Research, the conference is dedicated to sustainability, diversity, and equality in the Nordic energy sector. Based on the report Gender equality in the Nordic energy sector, discussions will revolve around what the next steps for an inclusive green transition are.

Sustainable development goes hand in hand with diversity. The more perspectives and abilities involved in reach for climate targets, the more comprehensive and effective measures are made possible.

“Energy issues affect everyone, and the transition to sustainable energy is one of the most critical issues of our time. Therefore, the energy sector should work to become more inclusive. We will not achieve the energy transition towards a green Nordic region without greater inclusion, social sustainability, and swift action,” says Klaus Skytte, CEO of Nordic Energy Research. “Unfortunately, the energy sector is still male dominated,” he adds, “but NEEN as well as the conference contribute to diverse representation and showcase how gender awareness improves the quality of Nordic research and co-operation”.

Klaus notes that “both gender balance among researchers and gender perspectives on research topics increase the quality of research, of co-operation, and of policy decisions with implications for society”. He emphasizes his support of NEEN and the Nordic Energy Equality Conference.

“I’m very proud that Nordic Energy Research are able to support NEEN and the important work for greater inclusion and equality. Several national based equality associations and networks exist. NEEN connects the national networks and contributes to increased cross-border co-operation, and seeks co-operation with relevant international organizations in the energy field. In addition, I believe that a common Nordic network and conference demonstrate that we in the Nordic region stand united towards equality and social sustainability,” Klaus concludes.

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