What is the Nordic Energy Outlooks programme?

The programme consists of four work packages and is analyzed by selected research environments, led by SINTEF Energy and in collaboration with Nordic Energy Research.

Aims of the programme

The aims of The Nordic Energy Outlooks – Nordic energy system research programme are to:

  • Strengthen Nordic research competencies and collaboration between different groups and institutions researching Nordic energy systems by building on existing national research programs.
  • Add Nordic and national value by facilitating synthesis of current national research results and benchmarking these on a regional level.
  • Bring together national research group with specific knowledge of sub-sectors in the field to investigate similar research questions would give additional insights into how methodology, models and assumptions influence results.

The structure of the program

The program is divided into four work packages or WP’s. Each work package is analyzed by selected research environments in collaboration with Nordic Energy Research and SINTEF Energy. SINTEF was selected to carry out WP0 and designated as the project lead institution for the entire program.

SINTEF Energy follows and participates in all the work packages of the program and is responsible for the overall coordination. Selected institutions for WP1–4 participate by using existing competencies and their own analyses of energy systems in cooperation with SINTEF Energy and the other members of each consortium for the individual work packages.