In August and September 2022, Nordic Energy Research together with DNV and NIVA as a subcontractor will arrange two half-day workshops, with the aim to investigate which tendering instruments and partnerships are needed to facilitate Co-existence and nature development in Nordic offshore wind farms.

Results shall be summarised in an input paper and presentation at a meeting of Nordic energy ministers in late 2022, to support governments in issuing substantive licensing and location requirements for new offshore wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

  • Workshop 1 – 29 August 2022: Assess the needs of stakeholders regarding licensing and area designation for co-use/co-existence/nature development, possible adjustments to tendering conditions, timetable, pre-qualification, award criteria, processes for environmental assessment etc.
  • Workshop 2 – 26 September 2022: Scope partnerships/market dialogue to follow a site-specific approach before new offshore wind farms are tendered or enable co-use/nature enhancement in already tendered and built offshore wind farms, and approaches to implement Nordic pilot projects.

Among the participants are offshore wind farm investors, developers and operators such as Ørsted and Vattenfall, commercial interests including mariculture, fisheries, and data services like NatureMetrics, intergovernmental agencies such as VASAB, as well as public energy agencies, NGOs like WWF and Birdlife, and leading scientific experts.