Nordic Energy Research is currently inviting bids for a study on Energy in West Nordic areas and the Arctic, i.e. Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Jan Mayen, Svalbard and Arctic ocean areas nearby.

A cost efficient and sustainable development of society can be shaped through regional analysis of future energy system. The focus area for this task is to explore the energy system and development of this towards 2035 in the West Nordic areas and the Arctic. The energy system covers the potential for different renewable energy resources, the infrastructure, the demand for energy in different sectors, and relevant policies.

The purpose of the study is to contribute to reaching a sustainable and competitive energy system that can fulfill goals and obligation for 2035 on climate, emission and renewable shares of the region by:

  • Collecting data of renewable energy resources in West Nordic area and the Arctic and other data needed in scenario analyses towards 2035
  • Make these data accessible to a large audience in database format and maps
  • Use these data to analyze scenarios to get an understanding of the effect of different choices in the energy system

The results of the study will contribute to a common Nordic knowledge base on the energy system in the area and can be used as input in discussions on national policy in the areas.

The maximum value of the project is 1,15 million NOK ex VAT. The project includes an option for a project that can build on the findings for these first analyses. The maximum value of the option is 460 000 NOK ex VAT.

Deadline for delivering tender is set at 20.03.2017 at 12:00 CET.

Please follow the link below to get the tendering documents in which you will also find contact details:

Tender in ENGLISH:

Energy in the West Nordic areas and the Arctic, data collection and scenario analysis