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The use of sustainable resources and green energy is crucial for the Nordics to become the most sustainable region in the world.

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Sustainable use of biomass for heating and transport fuel


Bioenergy is an important topic in the Nordic countries but the sustainability of biomass for energy is being debated and…

English / 2020-02-13

Distributed electricity production and self-consumption in the Nordics


English / 2019-06-20

New Gameplan – RES Support in the Nordics

Author: Rachel Walsh, Mattias Nordström, Rose Sargant, Mårten Larsson, Martin Görling, Cecilia Wallmark, Niclas Damsgaard (Sweco) / Sil Boeve, Silvana Tiedemann, Corinna Klessmann (Ecofys)

On behalf of the Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy under the Nordic Council of Ministers

English / 2016-10-26

Renewable energy supply and storage – guide for planners & developers in sparsely populated areas

Author: Peter Bode Nielsen, Morten Hørmann, Jakob Nymann Rud and Frederik Møller Laugesen

How to shift to renewable energy systems in sparsely populated areas? This guide provides tools for initiative takers and planners…

English / 2016-12-21

Renewable energy supply and storage – All reports

Author: COWI/Nordic Energy Resarch

All guides and feasibility tool (.zip) Individual guides: "Feasibility tool"(.xlsx); "Guide report 1 - Heat supply in Leirvík"(PDF); "Guide report…

English / 2017-02-02

Shift Master Thesis: Many implications for innovation policy instruments on diffusion of biofuels

Author: Linda Dyab, Vanessa Gloria, Julia Hansson (supervisor)

The transition towards sustainable transport using alternative technologies such as biofuels might encounter several challenges in the innovation and diffusion…

English / 2017-09-12

Shift Master Thesis: Why electric beats hydrogen

Author: Elias Moland

In Norway the number of electric car has increased substantially in recent years, passing 100,000 electric cars by the end…

English / 2017-08-30

Energy ministers: Green energy conversion to power new start after COVID-19

The Nordic energy ministers want sustainable energy sources to power the post-pandemic economy. At an online meeting on 26 May, the ministers drew up guidelines for recovery and approved a declaration on the future of the Nordic electricity market. The ministers affirmed that the Nordic energy sector is well prepared for the challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic. The…
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