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The use of sustainable resources and green energy is crucial for the Nordics to become the most sustainable region in the world.

Windpower in the Nordics

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Coexistence and nature-inclusive design in Nordic offshore wind farms

Author: DNV & NIVA

The report focuses on how the energy transition needs to be environmentally and socially viable. While scaling up deployment of…

English / 2023-03-22

Accommodating Biodiversity in Nordic Offshore Wind Projects

Author: DNV

This study recommends actions that public authorities and industry may take, to accommodate biodiversity and engage stakeholders in further Nordic…

English / 2022-01-31

Renewable Energy in the Nordics 2021

Author: Nordic Energy Research

Renewable Energy in the Nordics 2021 is a statistical report based on the Eurostat SHARES tool, prepared by Nordic Energy…

English / 2021-09-15

Sustainable use of biomass for heating and transport fuel


Bioenergy is an important topic in the Nordic countries but the sustainability of biomass for energy is being debated and…

English / 2020-02-13

Distributed electricity production and self-consumption in the Nordics


English / 2019-06-20

Energy ministers: Green energy conversion to power new start after COVID-19

The Nordic energy ministers want sustainable energy sources to power the post-pandemic economy. At an online meeting on 26 May, the ministers drew up guidelines for recovery and approved a declaration on the future of the Nordic electricity market. The ministers affirmed that the Nordic energy sector is well prepared for the challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic. The…
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